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Signs of suicide is not a weakness. It’s a cry for help..!

Jul 4, 2019 ahanacare

I have to get through this exam…There is no other option….
Mr. A is a 17 year old boy who is an intelligent and multi-talented person. His parents have dreams about his career and invested their hope on his education which caused more expectations to Mr. A. He is having interested in both academics and sports, but his parents had high expectation on his academic performance and not allowing him for play activities. Mr. A is a good “Athlete” in his childhood days. From his childhood, Mr. A don’t have much peer circle due to his restricted parenting style, so Mr. A had a rare chance to express his wills and feelings, this made Mr. A to developed lack of disclosure towards his parents.
Now Mr. A completed his 12th standard with great marks, then he attended the entrance examination for his “only preferred goal”.

From his childhood the parents set straight standards only for that particular profession.  The results came, and Mr. A was missed his opportunity to study the “only preferable field” in this year. The criticism of the parents and society had created lots of conflicts & frustration due to which he developed intense sadness, social withdrawal from family and becomes isolated, lack of energy in activities, lack of interest, feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness, “There is no solution for my life… things will never get better… there is no point in trying anymore…what do I have to look forward to?… The future is empty for me… everything is going downhill…there is nothing that I can do to make things better”. This way he tried to end his life by attempting suicide by taking pills at the age of 17 yrs.
Suicide is characterized as an intentional act of killing oneself or wants to end their life. Teen suicide is when a young person, generally categorized as someone below age 21, deliberately ends their own life. Suicide is the third leading cause of death among adolescents in worldwide. India is the “youngest country in the world”, at the same time India has the highest suicide rate in the world among teens.
What should we do?
When a child or adolescent is losing hope on life and attempting or committing suicide, It’s not a suicide rather It’s a homicide done by the family & Society. Here are some points for everyone’s Attention.

  1. Parenting is important. Striving towards our goal is good, but at the same time rear your children with broad mind which makes them look into opportunities in any situation.
  2. Children & Teens are more emotional than logical. Think thousand times before blame them.
  3. Each child or teen is unique, respect their interests and values.
  4. While a child or teen is facing the adverse situation, give them unconditional support & motivate them.
  5. It is always good to rear a child with 4 skills, which are “Tolerance to criticism, Acceptance of failures, Tolerance of frustration, and Acceptance of loss”.
  6. Signs of suicide is not a weakness. It’s a cry for help. Unconditional positive support is the only help.
  7. Life is not just to achieve goals, it’s to live even after. If you really think goals are important then fix your life ambition as “BEING HAPPY & HEALTHY”.