“I’m Rahul from Chennai. It’s been long years I’m known with anxiety. A lot of things scare me. But i never shown it out, i never had to because it was so obvious that my pals would call me an alarm clock. Whatever it might be; a class test, an interview, sitting alone in the party, i go anxious. It is still fresh in memory how i started shivering, breathlessness and fell unconscious seeing my final year business management paper. My tutor had to rush taking me to hospital; end up taking all possible tests. Results were normal; doctors told me i was fine. I felt so foolish; all my classmates were laughing at me. Anxiety has been following me as a shadow, everywhere every time. Later I came across an article written by a psychologist, which talks about anxiety (disorder) and steps to overcome panic attack. Gaining confidence, I went to meet my psychologist Mr. Gopi at Ahana Hospitals, Madurai. Now i can say that i have much control over my anxiety and panic attacks. I started meditation and I am practicing breathing exercise regularly. The freedom i sense is beyond everything.”

Mr. Rahul,

Chennai Sep 2, 2019

“I highly recommend Dr. Vikhram Ramasubramanian, Ahana Hospitals, to anyone looking for an empathetic psychiatrist. His clinical skills and genuine concern for patient’s problems are an excellent combo for patients seeking neuropsychiatric consultation.”


Madurai Sep 2, 2019

“Hi, this is Natasha, a freelancer from Bangalore. My days from dawn to dusk were all the same, having no piece of excitement; lethargy, slugged, with no energy left. I was getting into the darker aura, where no ray of hope was seen. Staying alone in the dullness of life, i began to shed badly. I experienced disturbed sleep, weird appetite, exhausted, self-loathing and frustrated. That was the time I came to know about Ahana Hospitals, through one of my friend. My first visit to Ahana Hospitals, bought back the lost hope in my life, I met Dr. Vikhram an empathetic psychiatrist, he explained my medical condition and recommended to undergo Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT). CBT with my psychologist Ms. Jaya Priya, helped me to deal with my problems in a positive way and also helped me to overcome depression. She taught few techniques, educated me about mindfulness. And i am finally out of it, functioning well. There is nothing wrong approaching a therapist when you experience something wrong within you. My best wishes to the team of ahana for the good job!”

GMs. Natasha, Freelancer,

Bangalore Sep 2, 2019