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In the challengingly stressful life that we live today, the World Health Organization (WHO) reports that one in four people suffer from mental or neurological disorders, and depression is now the second leading cause of global disability burden behind cardiac disorders. Despite the availability of sophisticated treatments, only 33 percent seek medical help due to stigma and a lack of awareness.

Ahana Hospitals, the leading neuropsychiatric hospital with six centers around Madurai, aims to eradicate stigma, create awareness, and reach out to people in need. Ahana Hospitals has built an international reputation for providing excellent-quality mental health care by incorporating modern treatment methods that go beyond virtual reality therapy. Apart from this, strong consideration is given to the confidentiality, affordability, and safety of people fighting psychological battles.

We began as an 8-bed hospital in 2008 and are proud to be the first NABH-accredited hospital in South India, with 145 beds and nearly 180 outpatients daily. Our services are not limited by boundaries, and our clients come from all over the world. Our hospital system is proud to have a team of mental health professionals with over four decades of experience providing psychological support and psychiatric interventions for mental, emotional, psychological, relationship, parenting, and marital issues, from children to the elderly.

If your loved one appears to be having a psychological breakdown, realize that you are not alone. Contact us at this moment to experience our exceptional care.

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