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Jan 1, 2019 ahanacare

Here is a very simple prescription for living life from a higher consciousness. In any situation, there are innumerable choices. Differentiate the ‘OK’ from ‘NOT OK’ in every situation, and do the ‘OK’ and abstain from the ‘NOT OK’.
It is OK, if you don’t read this ‘Article.’ It is NOT OK, if you read this ‘Article’ and not implement what you have learnt from it.
If you commit a wrong unintentionally, you are committing a mistake. But if you commit it deliberately, you are committing a sin. It is OK to commit a mistake. It is NOT OK to commit a sin.

It is OK, if there are health issues due to genetic inheritance. What is NOT OK is, not caring for your wellness. A fit body is not purchasable. It is achieved through relentless striving. Your wellness is your responsibility and yours alone.
It is OK if you do not have a solution for someone’s problem. What’s NOT OK is you making them a topic of your gossip. Learn to never ever talk about those who aren’t present, at least, not in a negative tone. Either be a solace or solution to others. Else, simply stay away from the situation.
It is OK if you are a rogue. It is OK if you are good. What is NOT OK is to keep projecting yourself as good and to live as a rogue. When a rogue lives in the guise of a good person, it shakes the very roots of trust.
It is OK to fail. It is NOT OK if you don’t try. It is OK if you don’t succeed. It is NOT OK if you give up. We could have failed, but that doesn’t make us a failure. Life is all about determination. Life paves the way for a resolute soul.
It is OK to migrate to another land in search of new opportunities but it is NOT OK to forget where you come from.
It is OK if you don’t take complete responsibility for your life. It is NOT OK to keep blaming others for what is NOT OK in your life. Fixing the blame doesn’t fix the problem. Let problems come from anywhere. Let solutions come from you. Stop being a problem finder. Start being a solution seeker.
The list is endless. What we can’t do, we can’t do. What we can do, we must do. Everyone is intelligent enough to understand the differences but accepting and inculcating is where the REAL INTELLIGENCE lies. It is OK to live by the difference, and that would make all the difference.
Above All, follow what your heart says…
Wish you all “A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR”!