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Happy Families

Aug 21, 2019 ahanacare

There is an old say that “Marriages are made in Heaven” I strongly believe that it doesn’t work the same way anymore
The Modern Millennial New say goes like this that “Marriages are made only in Relationships”.
These days we read that people are working longer hours to avoid being with their families. We hear that divorce rates have hit a record high.
Extended families don’t exist and elderly family members in need are cast aside. Meanwhile, children are out of control doing things that boggle the imagination. We have family averse population culture and we are in danger of having a family averse culture.

People get married to form a family. We wouldn’t be here without our families. A family structure is as old as recorded time. We are advanced in so many ways that we hear about family life as if its some kind of extreme, dangerous sport like cliff diving and the worst of it is, for far too many people that’s true. Many people feel their family life is out of control or just unfulfilling.
There are data saying that morals are declining. When discussed why? The most frequent answer was the instability of marriage and family.
At present to understand this, we need a big dose of reality. The simple fact is we need to work on our relationships with in the family.
To enhance the Relationship between couple. I would like to share a few tips
1. Be a Good Friend to your partner.
2. Believe in yourself to help your family.
3. Dedication matters more than the occupation.
4. Forgiveness depends on more than the apology
5. Express your love.