Selfie AddictionIt doesn’t need a definition. Everybody knows what it means. People young and old find it interesting and fun to take selfies and share them with people. The culture is so popular, that most smartphones advertise their selfie camera rather than their internal storage capacities. Numerous apps are there to get that perfect selfie shot with interesting filters and fun modifications. Social media is flooded with selfies every day. Recent studies report says that young millennials love selfies and are adventurous in posting selfies in novel settings that are sometimes too dangerous. In fact, a survey in 2016 showed that among 127 selfie-related deaths, India ranked first with 76 deaths. Normal routine, important events, and vacations are instantly shared on social media with selfies.



Most of us do not like to use the term. We find it degrading. We all take selfies and we all love to upload it in media sites, so what’s wrong with it???

Psychologists have been intrigued by this rising crazy selfie trends  – duckface pout, no filter selfie, migraine shot, bedfie, model pout, mirror shots, fish gape, found my light shot, kissy face, I am bored shot… the list goes on and every week numerous trends emerge; to be copied by millions all over the world. They have been trying to figure out why people like to take selfies and upload it into social media channels with the intention of sharing, getting the maximum number of likes and comments

Many people do not even realize that photos once uploaded in any media platform can never be fully deleted and can be manipulated by anyone with devious intentions. Imagine a photo, shot during a fun party, coming to haunt/disrupt a relationship or career prospects.

Psychologists have found that this obsession to take selfies could be the result of

To increase the mood: A friend of mine said that she took a selfie because she was depressed and wanted to make herself smile, saying that she became happy if people liked and commented on her images

An intense sense of self-importance: There are some people who like to upload selfies in different modes and settings to gain that online popularity. In this age of instant news, everyone has the possibility of becoming an online celebrity

Low self-esteem: Research has proven that many people who have very low self-esteem tend to upload more selfies in an effort to get validation/appreciation from people so that they can feel good about themselves, rather than striving to improve their capabilities

To conform with the group / Social competition: Most adolescent and young adults indulge in selfie-taking because all their friends do it and it is the current trend. They like to feel part of their peer group and do not want to be isolated from them. There are some people who like to document every moment of their life through selfies. This invariably leads to comparing sites for the maximum number of likes for each photo. This creates a pseudo effect that the person’s life is all fun and enriching while the reality might be entirely false

So what is your reason for taking that photo? This twice before you upload it in media sites..!