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Secrets to a Successful Marriage

Jul 3, 2017 ahanacare

The other most significant concept of marriage is SEX. To be saying in crystal clear words, marriage is not all about just having sex and produce babies; it’s much beyond that. Women are not a baby making factories. Motherhood is indeed a blessed phase, and that should happen with the beautiful bond between a husband and wife; a Love making it is said.
The recipe of a special bond is made with the ingredients of love, promise, friendship, trust, hope, honesty, sharing, commitment and much more. If any of the ingredients are missed or added less, the dish becomes a scrap. It is to be shared equally by both the partners, nobody is more or less.


Remember this thumb rule: There is no a 3rd person between them anytime, no matter what happens it’s only the two. But in the Indian tradition, it is not the couple who gets married, but the two families tie a knot. And that’s when the problems arise. No worries, there lies a solution up to the present time. The couple can still choose to not let others between them. No matter what, they should hang on to each other. When we fight with our sibling, quarrel with our parents, pull our friends’ legs, we don’t break up with them or get divorced. By the day or two things get eventually fine. Then why do couples have to even think on getting separated? Sounds weird na. I’ll tell you what to do. Consider your spouse as your family too. Make them your friend, find a caring mother in your wife and a protective father in your husband. Instead of finding faults, help each other in constructing the self. Learn from the mistakes. Accept your partner as how they are.


I have seen couples who run to all available boards which call to talk about how to run a successful and a happy marriage. They sit and listen to the lectures, read articles on that. But still, they fail to apply. The thing is they believe the external options to run a marriage but not the self. To all of them, I would want to say, “ look into yourself, introspect your relationship”. Just have a simple glance at your wife when she’s busy doing household chores. Give a small look to your husband who is working hard there to earn a bread. Ultimately these are the signs of love. They both put so much the living, to run a home. What else is love then? This is it, It’s very simple.
A wife making a variety of dishes for a foodie husband is a sign of love. A husband bringing a bed coffee to his wife who is enjoying her Sunday sleep is love. The list goes on; pressing his shirt for work, giving a good-bye kiss to her while leaving for work, waiting for him to come home in the evening with a hot chocolate, bringing flowers for her while returning home, remembering each other in prayers.
Life is beautiful when we see beauty and love in everything we do and get. It’s simple. Make love! Stay happy!! You matter!!! Your relationship matters!!!! GOOD LUCK