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10 Essentials of a Happy Marriage

Dec 5, 2016 ahanacare

Marriage is not only joining of two people in a bond it’s more than that. It is one of the lifetime decision which involves the union of hearts, souls and minds. It is also the wedding of families and friends, finances and careers, lifestyles and values, habits and everything. It has all up’s and down’s that’s quite a challenge. Each one’s personal growth sway the relationship. A good relationship lies on the fact how to move beyond these fickleness and return to an ecstatic life.

Ten Essentials for a happy marriage are as follows:
Respect the difference:
No two persons are alike, the other does not feel or think in the same way about some aspects of life. Everyone is not perfect each one has their own flaws which have to be willingly accepted. Therefore it is a paramount aspect to glorify the partner’s differences in personality and character regardless of one’s own complexities and flaws for a happy and long-lasting relationship.
Understanding the Practicality:
Life is all about ups and downs it’s not the same as always. To create a long-term mutual understanding and partnerships one need to make adjustments and sacrifices without any compromises. One has to understand the ground reality and be prepared to see the world through the partner’s eyes. “Neglect the whole world rather than each other”- which does not just happen, but requires time and commitment.
Perpetuate respect and love:
Atleast once every day try to say one kind or complementary thing to your partner. Don’t just stop with words express and make them feel the way you feel. Even when one wants to criticize other do it affectionately. Love, which one keeps on another should keep on accruing day by day.
Allegiance to promises:
In a relationship, it is vital to meticulously keep up the promises even it is small. It makes the partners feel valued and do make a point in a relationship that you promise only when you can fulfill it, rather saying express it that takes the relationship to next level.
Avow everything:
Express oneself to each other to remain non-judgmental so that the relationship remains fruitful instead provocative.
Compromise and Forgiveness:
Whenever you take a decision in a relationship do consider other side desires wishes and needs. The fact of considering the other side need is not that it can’t be done individually it’s all that it would have an impact on the relationship. A healthy partnership is made possible by trying to let your mate win the argument. Both compromise and forgiveness are an important ingredient for a strong partnership.
Honesty and Trust:
Relationships require building trust that takes time. To build the trust and honesty it is very important to act consistently in a reliable and predictable fashion, therefore, dealing everything fairly with one other. The trust helps in better understanding of each other leading to take courageous steps in life. Once the trust is broken it becomes hard to rebuild. Without honesty and trust, no relationships sustain.
Communication becomes one of the important aspects of a happy marriage. It does include the tone, words, and way in which one communicates. It’s not mandatory that one has to change everything if something one does tends to hurt the other, try to change it in a way that makes them happy through one’s strong communication. It requires openness and broad view to acknowledge the opinions and tolerate their differences. When one has done something wrong be ready to admit it in such a way that it makes the partner understand what pushed the other to do so. It further succours effectively with the conflicts and our views.
Togetherness and Separateness:
Relationships extend as the partners make time for each other. It helps them to better understand each other. This makes the other to feel precious and nurtured. In achieving togetherness it is also of huge importance to retain separateness, which helps to hold on healthy personal boundaries. This gives out the freedom to retain one’s own individuality through giving the partner time and space.
Most of the marriages are broken up by selfishness than any other reason though the blame is on other factors but the root cause for the other factors is selfishness. The base for any relationship is being altruistic and to always think from other point of view. Life is all about living together, give your dreams, views, and everything to your partner.
Taking care and investing on the above said points helps in leading a happy marriage life. A happy marriage is far more valuable than most of the temporal things we chase after with our lives.