Ahana Hospitals existence is the result of a burning commitment and undying passion to work for persons affected by neuropsychiatric problems, with its steadily growing presence as a principal neuropsychiatric centre in Tamil Nadu for the past 7 years. Its strategic pairing of exceptional medical care and rehabilitation program has helped in establishing itself as a pioneer in providing premium neuropsychiatric services in India.

Our leading specialists in neuropsychiatry and a multidisciplinary team of clinical experts work together to provide a comprehensive mental health care to enrich the patient experience. As a culmination to the quality of neuropsychiatric care given, we work intensively to rehabilitate and reintegrate our patients back into the normal mainstream society through our Rehabilitation partner, “M.S. Chellamuthu Trust & Research Foundation”, which has evolved into country’s largest psycho-social rehabilitation centre.

To attain Excellence and Leadership in Neuro Psychiatric Care.

To promote Mental and Emotional well being through patient centric and comprehensive neuropsychiatric care,affordable and accessible to all.

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What do we treat?

Mental Health is a state of mental or emotional or psychological well-...

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How do we treat?

Psychiatric Consultation A psychiatric consultation is a holistic eval...

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Treatment packages

Treatment Packages: Stress Management Relaxation Training De-addiction...

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