ADHD is a childhood psychological (brain) disorders, may continue through teenage years and adulthood. Indications include trouble in staying focused and paying attention, and hyperactivity. The average age for onset of ADHD is seven years.


Inattentiveness (absentmindedness), hyperactivity, and impulsivity are the key behaviours of child with ADHD. It is common for children to be inattentive, hyperactive or impulsive occasionally, but for children with ADHD these behaviours are severe and occur more often.

  • Child with attention deficit can be easily distracted, have difficulty focusing on one thing for a long time, have trouble completing homework, and become bored with a task within a short period of time.
  • Child with hyperactivity are fidget and keep twisting and turning in their seats, continuously keep talking, touching or playing with anything and everything in and around the environment.They Have trouble sitting still during dinner, school, and story time, constantly moving around.
  • Children who have symptoms of impulsivity may have trouble waiting for things they want or waiting for their turns whileplaying games. They are impatient that they blurt out answers before the question is completed or before it’s their turn to answer. They act without regard for consequences such as running on the road, jumping from heights, etc.