Eudaimonia 2022

An Inter-College Short Film Competition on mental health awareness

Unplug the stigma

Registration Last Date:  01 October 2022

Submission Last Date: 05 October 2022

First prize – Rs. 10000

Second prize – Rs. 7000

Third prize – Rs. 5000

Special awards to

  • The Best Cinematographer
  • The Best Editor
  • The Best Director

Terms and Conditions

  1. Who can compete: Any person currently enrolled in a college may send in their entry. Each application should have one film only. The film(s) being sent for this competition should not be on social media platform(s) before submission. The applicant should attach their college-issued identity at the time of submitting their application.

  2. Entry fee: Rs.500/- (to be paid at the time of registration)

  3. Theme: The themes of short films could be broadly-based on any of the following ideas:

  • Gen-Z addictions

    • Drug addictions, mobile addictions, gaming and gambling addictions, social media addictions, and so on…

  • the stigma of mental illness

    • Mental illness is a curse

    • People with mental illness are always dangerous

    • Mental illness is incurable, they can never be productive

    • Medicines for mental illness are harmful and so on……..

  • Children and college students – are they thriving or surviving?

    • Peer pressure

    • Academic pressure

    • Relationship issues

    • Addictions

The film could be a documentary, a dramatization of real stories, or a work of fiction, in any technical format, including animation, within the scope of mental health.

  1. Language: The short films may be in Tamil or English. Subtitles are optional.

  2. Appropriateness of content:

  • All information regarding mental health must be factual.

  • Individual names or names of organizations are to be avoided, especially if the film is considered to contain controversial statements.

  • There should not be any offensive portrayal of a particular community or race in the film.

  • If there is a need to portray violence, it must be accompanied by proper disclaimers.

  1. Duration: The maximum permissible length of the short film is 7 minutes. Credits of contributors can be for 30 seconds.

  2. Consent: consent must be obtained from all the people who have acted in the film.

  3. Format: Short films may be in any form (fiction, documentary, animation, etc.) shot with any mobile phone, device, or camera set-up (in MP4 format, Full HD (1080p).

  4. Submission: The film is to be uploaded to Google Drive and a link is to be emailed to psychologist@ahanahospitals.in.

  5. Title & Credits: Each film should depict its title and credits, including the names of all team members.

  6. Jury: A Jury appointed by organizers will select the winners.

  7. Distribution of awards: The onus will be on the applicant that they are the only authorized representative to send the entry for the competition. In case of the selection of the film for an award, it will be given to the applicant only. Ahana Hospitals, M.S.Chellamuthu Trust and Research Foundation, and The American College will, in no way, be responsible for any dispute arising out of it. The award money will be given only through a cheque in the applicant’s name.

  8. How to apply:

Step 1: Submit the complete registration form.

      1. Documents to be uploaded – College identity card

      2. Registration payment receipt.

Step 2: The film should be sent through email to psychologist@ahanahospitals.in

  1. Last date:

    1. Registration: 15 September 2022 Extended until 20 September 2022

    2. Submission: 01 October 2022 Extended until 5 October 2022

  2. Screening Rights: Ahana Hospitals, M.S.Chellamuthu Trust and Research Foundation, and The American College will have the right to use the films for any purpose they deem fit including uploading these on their websites / social media along with the credits to the contributor. The participants may continue to have their rights to their films and may be free to participate in any other competitions/festivals.

  3. Disqualifications: Ahana Hospitals reserves the right to void any entry it deems not meet the terms and conditions or considers to have inappropriate content with notice to the participants.

  4. Uploading to social media channels: Selected short films will be uploaded to the Ahana hospital youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/c/AhanaHospitals Viewer’s choice award would be provided to the short film that earns the highest number of subscribers.
  1. Results: The results of the competition will be uploaded on the website of the Ahana Hospitals (https://www.ahanahospitals.in/eudaimonia/) and the official Instagram account (https://www.instagram.com/eudaimonia.2k22/) Winners will also be contacted directly.

  2. Posters: All participants are encouraged to send in a poster of the film depicting the title of the film and the names of the main crew (only in soft copy).

  3. Queries: Clarifications may be obtained by writing to psychologist@ahanahospitals.in or sending a direct message to https://www.instagram.com/eudaimonia.2k22/ or calling 8220304441