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Stop AIDS – Prevention is better than cure

Dec 22, 2016 ahanacare

AIDS, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome caused by HIV, Human Immunodeficiency Virus. This virus gets into our blood, affecting our immune system. It’s a worldwide known fact that AIDS has no cure, having poor prognosis leading to death. The symptoms worsen as the disease progresses. This occurs by having unprotected multiple sexual contacts including vaginal, oral sex, and anal sex; also through blood transfusion, and needles. A HIV pregnant woman can pass the disease to her baby while delivering or while breast feeding.

According to the research late in 19th century, AIDS was first found in West Africa. The wide reason was education, which was not prevalent there. This was high among children below 15 being affected, but because of lack of knowledge about treatment most children die soon.
According to the UN reports from April 2016, India is at the 3rd position with AIDS among the countries in the world. All over the rating exceeds more than 18.2 million people. Many still are unaware of the disease attacked and left untreated. This way, by 2030 the scales will reach up to 30 million populations worldwide.
Enough of diseases, suffering, treatment; why can’t we find a solution? Isn’t there any way out to reduce the frequency or completely remove it? Yes, we do have! There is a limelight. It’s high time lets join our hands together, help the victims who are already depressed and in need of life-support. Let’s spread awareness about the importance of protected sex. Not every school is giving sex education, which is at most necessary. Children are to be taught assertive skills, knowing what’s good touch and bad touch.
Use of preventive measures to be spread, victims who suffer from the myths society creates; and they being isolated by the society. For such people, a strong message is to be given that they have a life, a positive hope, motivation, encouragement to support them. For the homeless who are abandoned by the family and society, there are homes, trusts and NGOs who help such people to grow.
To prevent it, every 3 months a routine blood checkup is suggested. December 1st considered as World AIDS day and AIDS awareness month; let’s take a pledge to stop AIDS from spreading. Save society!! Save people!!