Adult Psychiatry:

Our adult psychiatric care department is equipped to handle patients with variety of psychiatric disorders such as anxiety, schizophrenia, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, bipolar disorder, and other serious/chronic psychiatric conditions. Our approach comprises of consultation, comprehensive psychiatric assessment followed by counseling, psychotherapy and other advanced adults psychiatric treatments to stabilize symptoms and enhance cure.

In our adult inpatient service, patients are typically monitored by a team of mental healthcare professionals such as psychiatrist, psychologist, nurse and social worker along with physiotherapist, occupational therapist and patient coordinators (or case managers). Our medical team works together to integrate biological, psychological and life skills for treating the patient as a whole.

Clinical Psychology:

Our clinical psychology department uses integrated science and clinical knowledge to understand, prevent and relieve psychological based distress and to promote behavior well being.

Our outpatient clinical psychology services include psychological assessment for memory, cognitive skills, intelligence quotient (IQ),personality disorders, learning difficulty, diagnostic service, etc., and psychotherapy services such as behavior therapy, cognitive behavior therapy and family/marital therapy. In our inpatient clinical psychology, patients are usually observed and assisted by a team of psychiatrist, clinical psychologist, other consultants, therapist, nurse and social workers.

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry:

Our outpatient and inpatient child and adolescent psychiatry care provides comprehensive psychiatric counseling, psychosocial and educational evaluation and short-term/long-term treatment for children aged 4 to 19. Our intervention program’s medical team encourages parents to join the multidisciplinary treatment team to help better know their child, initiate active treatment and develop effective, comprehensive child and adolescent psychiatric treatment plan.

Highly-skilled occupational and recreational therapist at our rehabilitation center, develops creative and instructive ways for children to play, to study, to adapt, so their transition back to their families and / or to school is smooth and effective.

Addiction Psychiatry:

Our addiction psychiatry care department deals with managing individuals needing care for addiction problems along with other psychiatric disorder. Our addiction psychiatry inpatient program/package, (comprises of psychological assessment, short-term treatments, counseling, psychotherapy, rehabilitation and relapse prevention), address the interaction of the drug abuse and the psychiatric illness; recognizing the addiction psychiatric treatment needs of each patient and using targeted and flexible interventions to achieve treatment goals.

Our approach includes comprehensive assessment of (physical) biological, emotional and social issues, followed by psychological assessment, clinical management, detoxification, family or individual psychotherapy, counseling, ECT (when indicated), psychosocial and occupational therapy and relapse prevention.


Our neuropsychiatric department provides treatments/solutions to behavioral or psychological problems associated with neurological conditions such as head injury, dementia, epilepsy and other organic mental disorder.Our individual and group counseling neuropsychiatric services concentrates on abnormalities of higher brain functions.

Our neurologist, psychiatrist and other mental health professionals, aim to establish a community of care, by involving family members, physiotherapist, yoga therapist and other caregivers into the neuropsychiatric treatment process. Our comprehensive, specialized means of support and holistic approach that incorporate psychiatric treatment methods, helps individuals’ suffering from neuropsychiatric disorders to better manage their conditions and ultimately improving their quality of life.

Geriatric Psychiatry:

Our geriatric psychiatry care deals with the psychological aspects of normal aging and the psychiatric effect of acute, chronic physical or biological illness. Our geriatric psychiatry inpatient program is a short-term, acute treatment program intended to address a wide range of old age psychiatric disorders (such as dementia, Alzheimer’s) that requires hospitalization.

Our highly specialized program treats patients age 60 and older, and provides brief, critical care to geriatric patients with psychiatric disorders, often in the context of co-occurring medical conditions. Our old age psychiatry care team (includes, psychiatrist, psychologist, geriatric counsellors, etc.), is skilled at effecting comprehensive assessments and intervening in highly complex cases involving medical (biological), psychiatric, functional and psychosocial problems.

The most commonly treated psychotic and functional problems include mood disorders, dementia, and impaired actives in daily living, cognitive disorganization and disruptive behaviours.