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Our Outpatient Department (OPD) deals with treatments or diagnostic procedures that can be done without an overnight stay. OPD services include consultation, counselling, diagnosis, psychotherapy, specialist daycare procedures, etc.

At Ahana Hospitals you can either book an appointment prior to your arrival, by calling our toll-free number 1800 3000 2233, or walk-in directly. Upon arrival our front office executive will guide you in registration, and a Unique Health Identity (UHID) number will be given to you. This UHID number will be the reference number for rest of your visit and can be quoted, as and when required; to extract medical health record and also to know medication dispensing details.

You will be attended by a nurse/patient coordinator/psychologist for further consultation. Based on your health condition and for further investigation, psychological assessment will be recommended. Followed by psychologist assessment you will be asked to consult our psychiatrist for treatment plan and medication. At the end of your visit, you may be either admitted for observation or prescribed medications. A normal psychiatric counselling take 2-3 sessions. So plan your visit accordingly.


In-Patient Department (IPD) at Ahana Hospitals comprise of 120 beds, spread across 6 hospitals in Madurai. Advancement in modern medicine, new-improved drugs and advent of comprehensive OPD at Ahana Hospitals ensure that patients are admitted, only when the health condition demands continuous care and monitoring.

Patient can choose their inpatient facility based on their accessibility and affordability. A pre-counseling session will be conducted by your case manager to guide you in planning your stay. Your case manager along with your bed-side nurse will act as a point of contact throughout your stay, to ensure hassle free inpatient experience.

The treated patients, who are finding difficulty in organizing daily activities are referred to our rehabilitation center.