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An Introduction to Schizophrenia

Sep 20, 2016 ahanacare

Schizophrenia is a condition where the patient may fail to understand what is real and thus results in an abnormal behaviour. This condition occurs due to an unbalanced mechanism in the brain. The patient may find it difficult to make others understand what he or she is going through.
The symptoms of the condition may occurduring early adolescents of 15 to an age of 30. However, it may also affect other age groups as well, and both men and women are prone to this condition.

    • People with schizophrenia may undergo lots of behavioural changes.
    • Unlike before, they spend most of the time alone and hesitate to spend time with family and friends.
    • They may get suspicious on their close peopleas well as on strangers and argue with them without any reasons.
    • They do not take care of their personal hygiene and their clothes.
    • They talk to themselves.

  • Their sleep pattern may change,and they sleepthe whole day or have a disturbed sleep during the night.
  • They fail to maintain an eye contact with the people whom they interact with or talk in a strange way which others cannot follow.


  • People with schizophrenia believe that the other people, including their close relatives are trying to harm them.
  • Others are talking behind their back.
  • People can read their mind.
  • They get special messages from TV or radio.
  • They have difficulty in thinking logically.
  • Remembering things and having concentration can be difficult for them.
  • They lose interest in things which are their past time favourites.
  • They lose interest in things which once they used to enjoy.


  • People hear strange or known voices and respond to them as if they are real.
  • They sense unusual tastes or smells.


  • People with schizophrenia suddenly gets angry, panic or they may cry for no particular reasons.
  • Their mood shifts often,and they appear to be sad or unhappy most of the times.
  • They show less or null reactions to things that happen around them


  • They get isolated and stay away from their family and friends.
  • Not willing to attend any family or social functions.
  • Least or no botheration to their spouses and children.


  • Less or no interest in work or study.
  • Leaving their job and spending time at home.
  • Reduced interest in the daily activities.

The above-mentioned points are the common symptoms of schizophrenia. But just one symptom alone cannot be concluded as schizophrenia.A combination of multiple symptoms in accordance with certain criteria have to be taken into consideration to confirm the condition.