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Cause Factors of Schizophrenia

Oct 10, 2016 ahanacare

Schizophrenia is a psychological condition but the exact cause for schizophrenia still remains unknown. However, there are certain contributing factors, which are the following:
Genetic reasons
A person with a family history of schizophrenia is at a higher risk of getting the condition. But it is not always necessary to transfer the condition genetically.

Chemical changes in brain
The imbalance of a chemical in the brain,called as neurotransmitters can be another cause of schizophrenia. Any disturbance in its level can lead to this condition.
Stress plays a major role in one’s life. Any stress in work or family such as a job loss or conflicts in marriage life can lead to schizophrenia and the condition may even get worse with the increase in the stress level.
 Black magic
Many have a misconception that schizophrenia is caused by possession of spirits, ghosts, black magic or a curse that follows the generations.
Like other medical conditions, schizophrenia is also treatable with the family’s emotional and moral support. A person with schizophrenia can recover and get back to normal routine with proper care and medication. They can go back to their work, take care of their family and can even get socialized with people.
While overcoming the condition, the patients may face challenges like meeting and interacting with people, obstacles of stigma and discrimination. But with the full support of family and healthcare assistance, they can come out of such problems.
Like any other physical illnesses, schizophrenia can also be cured with proper treatment procedures.  But the patient needs to follow a proper diet and physical health to manage the condition. In the schizophrenia treatment, the involvement and support of close family member help to bring fast result. The patient need to follow the advice of the psychiatrist in order get a better result.  Difficulties in social life, problems in concentration and poor self-care can be managed through proper counselling and support. But the result can be a gradual process and it completely depends on the on the patient’s condition.