Hypoactive sexual desire disorder

female_sexualitySex is essential for happy marriage life. For a healthy physical and mental wellness, sex is an important aspect, which not only makes us active but also maintains the balance of our emotions. Sex have various positive effect on us, it oozes out the stress and binds two people close to each other. The level of bonding and trust is even grown stronger. Sexual desire is the feeling, fantasy that ignites one’s feeling for love and intimacy.

Hypoactive sexual desire is a chronic loss of interest in having sex and leading to a stressed personal life. It is a state that persists depending on situations for a shorter while to longer period.

But, the over and less or null level of sexual desire is a matter of disturb. When one doesn’t have a control on the desires will end up having issues in personal lives. According to dsm-5 the sexual desire disorder is widely divided into 2 types

  • Female sexual interest/arousal disorder
  • Men hypoactive sexual desire disorder

Eating Disorders (Anorexia Nervosa) – An Overview

eatingdisordersmahEating Disorder – term in itself suggests the presence of abnormality in the eating patterns, leading to devastating rise of health issues and complications. It is a psychological disorder which is behaviourally, emotionally and mentally (in an abnormal way) controlling individual’s eating habits without concerning about health.

Eating Disorders has many subtypes, among which commonly being suffered by various persons are;


Tips to turn Strangers into Friends (In a New Workplace)

break-the-ice-at-new-workplaceIt is important to learn to initiate conversations wherever you go. Conversations are the key to socializing with everyone around you and it is no different at the workplace. This ability of yours can go a long way in helping you create a good first impression and may also help establish valuable relationships. Here are some of the easiest ways to help break the ice at a new place of work:

Stress on Worklife


Stress is a common thing in everyone’s life especially for working adults and one of its main sources is the workplace. Although stress is necessary to push you towards your goal, when it becomes too overwhelming it becomes hard to handle and affects performance and productivity. It is important to remember that even though you cannot control everything in your work environment, there are certain steps you can take to manage or eliminate your stress such as the following.

Parenting Tips: Positive Discipline


Positive Discipline is all about ingraining positive behaviour in the minds of children which focuses on the value that there is no bad children, just the behaviour accounts for everything. The pivotal role of positive discipline is concentrating on “How and what you say?-To get the results you want”. This aids in assisting your child to learn positive values and develop social skills for life. The kind of traits which the positive discipline encourages includes raising the child who is responsible, adaptable and highly skilled. It is often perplexed with letting your child to do whatever he or she wants, which in-turn leads to the poor self-control and difficulty in committing to decisions by the children.

Body language tips to deliver effective business presentation

body-languageCommunication is the key to all interactions in one’s entire life. Right from our birth, we learn to communicate in order to express ourselves and our needs. We communicate so that others may understand what we are thinking or feeling. Communication can be verbal or non-verbal. Non-verbal communication relies on one’s facial expressions, eye contact, and body language rather than on what is communicated through spoken language.

Body language refers to how you express yourself through gestures, postures, positions, and body movements and often reveals your emotional state. The way you communicate through body language impact everything from your relationships to your career, either positively or negatively.

Work life balance

work-life-balanceIn a rapidly growing world, our jobs are not the same as they used to be. Work today demands so much more than it did in the last few decades. Everyone seems to be so tied up with their work now that they do not have the time to do much else. The consequence of this is taxing on both the physical and mental health. This makes it absolutely necessary to balance your work as well as your other personal activities and that’s what work-life balance is all about. If you feel you’re unable to balance work and personal life activities then it might be a good idea to try these strategies.

Relationship tips for Men

successful-relationship-tips-for-men-and-women-postLove is a mutual understanding between two hearts. It is not possible for the men & women to think alike but both of them anticipate to have a strong & healthy relationship. Every man needs to understand their woman, because it is not an easy task to always have a smooth relationship with your partners. We cannot predict the future.

There will be so many ups & downs and sometimes we may be endangered to take crucial decisions. We need to give up sometime or maybe at times we should be ready to accept things as it is. Men takes up the relationship very seriously than women.


It is sometimes a head breaking job for men to handle their women where they go restless. Men usually has got more stress about their life than women as they have lots of responsibilities comparatively.

New Year resolution for mental wellbeing!

new-years-resolutionsA better mental health gives happiness, satisfaction and peace of mind, which leads to a better life. Life is a roller coaster for all, having ups and downs, good and bad, bitter and sweet experiences. This year you might have met many struggles and found hard to travel your life, not knowing where to end. Sometimes many would have thought of ending their lives and many did!!

But this year comes with a promise of not giving any bad experiences at all, but gives some strength and positive energy to overcome those hardships. We, mental health workers decided to forward our helping hands to those people, who want to ENJOY, to LOVE, to LAUGH, to LIVE.

Exam Anxiety!

examination stress

Anyone who is or has ever been in school has had to undergo this necessary promotion criteria. With the growing demands of the outside world, it has become important to score well in exams and as a result, most of us face a lot of stress and anxiety. While there are some who are able to focus on studies even though they are worried about the exam, there are also some whose anxiety gets so bad that they are completely unable to focus on studying.

No matter what your level of anxiety is, it is always helpful to know how to keep yourself relaxed and focused during this time so that you can be more productive (and not go crazy!). Here are a few things to keep in mind while preparing for your forthcoming exams.