Ahana Hospitals was established by Mrs. Sharmila Vikhram and Dr. Vikhram Ramasubramanian in the year 2009 with a mission to deliver affordable, high-quality, comprehensive neuropsychiatric healthcare services to every patient in need and from all walks of life. Within a short period since its inception as an 8 bedded neuropsychiatric centre, Ahana Hospitals has steadily grown to a 120 bedded integrated neuropsychiatric health care organization with hospitals, pharmacies, clinical research centers and rehabilitation centers, providing dedicated health care services for a gamut of neuropsychiatric disorders such as alcohol dependence, schizophrenia, depression, anxiety disorders, marital problems, child and adolescent disorders- mental retardation, learning disability, autism, ADHD, etc. There is a holistic focus on not just the curative aspects of illness but also the preventive approaches to enhance mental health (Stress management programs, Positive Mental Health promotion, etc).

In order to promote easy accessibility for patients and care givers to its wide spectrum of neuropsychiatric and de-addition services, Ahana Hospitals extended its presence in Madurai from one hospital to six Hospitals delivering 24×7 Emergency care, Out-Patient, In-Patient, Tele-Psychiatric Counselling services, laboratory services, medication dispensing services and finally reintegrating them back to where they truly belong, through our rehabilitation services.

Besides these Hospital-based initiatives, Ahana Hospitals also goes one step further transgressing the boundaries of institutional care and venturing into community based services, to reach the unreached and care for the uncared.

The excellence in the health care services provided at Ahana Hospitals are managed efficiently by a distinct multidisciplinary team operated by neuro-psychiatric consultants, physicians, clinical psychologists, psychologists, psychiatric social workers, patient co-ordinators( case managers), clinical nurses, special educators, yoga therapists and occupational therapists.

With a quality driven approach, a great respect for human life and a perfect partnership of patient centered care with medical excellence, Ahana Hospitals welcomes you to experience the exceptional care.