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5 Ways to overcome a painful Break-up

Nov 30, 2016 ahanacare

Love is a precious feeling in all living beings. It gives us immense pleasure. It takes us to an extreme happiness, it is very difficult to control oneself and deal with the feelings. Break-up is like breaking the heart into broken glass pieces which is difficult to bind together. Falling in love with a person happens in a micro second but breaking up the relationship is like taking a person for a roller coaster ride to the hell.  It deals with lot of emotions & pain and that person should be very strong & confident to come out of such intense sadness. During a relationship we feel like butterflies in the garden but during breakup we become a single butterfly left alone in the desert with broken wings.

Break-up occur when the love between two hearts is lost and the relationship becomes meaningless. Old beautiful memories hit our eyes and kill us like piercing a sharp needle into the heart. The things which gives pleasure would be hated the most. Breaking up the relationship is not an easy thing but sometimes it is a wise decision to move out and begin a new life. The more we love a person the more painful to stop seeing their messages, photos or meet in person.
It is not at all possible for a person to completely erase off the memories thoroughly but it fades and could be removed only when we find a true love. Break-up brings a complete change over for an individual to live his/ her day-to-day life but there are ways to overcome from it.

  1. Believe in yourself:

    Self-confidence & belief on oneself is very important which makes you strong to face the life independently without fear. Think whatever happened in your life is for a good cause and has a reason. Believe in yourself that you have taken the right decision and avoid having second thoughts for what you have already decided.

  2. Spend more time with the people you are comfortable:

    There are friends, family members, cousins with whom you feel very comfortable. Try to spend time with them. Share your feelings and go for outing. Take them for a coffee, movie or shopping as per your wish. Going out and meeting new people make you relaxed. Don’t try to stay alone at any cost of time thinking about your past. Be with someone who really cares for you.

  3. Take your passion in hand:

    Find your stress buster. Be thankful for the beautiful memories you had with your partner but stop reminiscing them because it will only hurt you to the core. You might be very passionate towards music ,dance ,boxing ,gardening ,swimming ,painting ,cooking ,playing games. Choose what you like the most and spend more time in it and keep yourself engaged. Take the break up as an opportunity to build yourself and become a matured person.

  4. Come out with actions:

    Meditation is a key element to calm down. Physical activities such as Yoga, jogging, cycling gives a positive energy to your body. It helps you to divert your thoughts. Prayer is the most powerful weapon through which you can express all your thoughts and feelings. It helps you to eradicate the negative thoughts and ease your pain. If you can’t speak out then write a letter and keep it with yourself.

  5. Edify your thoughts:

    If you feel you have done certain mistakes in your relationship try to correct them. Learn from your mistakes. You will have goals in your life. Plan how to make them. Don’t take this gap as an opportunity to relax or don’t leave space for boredom in your life. Always have positive thoughts and hope that your future will be bright. Aspire that you will get a better partner who will love you more and understands you better. Read inspirational quotes and books which makes your mind clearer adding more confidence.

Break-up is not an easy going task. It is a hardest challenge that most of the people are facing in today’s relationship. Remember ‘overcoming painful break-up’ won’t happen in a day’s time. It is a slow process, but this could be only achieved if you put in conscious effort to overcome with the tips briefed above.